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The air has gotten crisper. The trees have begun their turn. As the world changes around me, I too feel a need to integrate some sort of shift internally and externally. A new book perhaps, an exploration of different house plants, maybe a new shade to lay over my lips. But with this restless need for change, I find myself drawn to classic pieces of my wardrobe. Black boots, big grey sweaters, ripped jeans, and a favorite hand-me-down trench coat from one of my dearest friends.

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This cool and contemporary style is rooted in fundamental wardrobe pieces while taking a cue from the chilling weather. Integrating dark colors into your fall and winter styles allows for crisp contrast to the tones offered by the changing environment. I use wood and leather textures as a way to accentuate the rawness of the seasonal influence. Staying rooted through the earth's natural shift allows for a deeper presence while embracing change and personal growth.

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